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In the idyllic retreat of Key Largo, Florida, where sun and sea meet a vibrant community, active leisure has a new meaning at Mariner’s Club, as our brand-new sports equipment is set to redefine your holiday fitness experience. From the soothing tones of morning yoga to the invigorating thrill of a pickleball match, there are more activities to enjoy in our tropical paradise than ever.

Active Vacationing: More Than Just a Trend

The Pursuit of Health and Happiness

Active vacationing is less of a fleeting fad and more of a lifestyle. With an increasing number of travelers seeking escapes that offer relaxation and physical engagement, Mariner’s Club Key Largo recognizes this desire shift. We understand that an active body contributes to a rejuvenated spirit, making your time away more than just a vacation but a holistic experience.

Welcoming the Wandering Gym Rat

Your Mariner’s Club Key Largo vacation home is a personal fitness hub for those who find comfort in the familiar burn of a post-workout day. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a wellness warrior, our intention is clear—to make your stay as conducive to your healthy routines as your home environment.

The Equipment That Moves You

Tailored to Your Travels

Upon checking in, you’ll find your abode furnished with more than the expected amenities but also with the tools of your active trade. Tennis enthusiasts can look forward to equipment that promises a perfect serve, while lovers of pickleball will relish in the rumble of a well-struck dink shot. Yoga fans will be delighted with our new yoga mats, inviting the peaceful practice of asanas with an oceanic backdrop. And for those who possess a mean dunk, our new basketballs further sweeten the sports buffet.

Aerial view of the tennis and pickleball courts at Mariner’s Club in Key Largo

Local Fitness Fusion: The Active Universe of Key Largo

A Street Away from Serenity

Floridian fitness is unlike any other. Indulge in early morning jogs along the palm-fringed streets or join a local yoga class on the water as the sun peeks over the horizon. The neighboring parks and nature reserves provide trails for all skill levels, promising a harmonious blend of physical training and natural wonder.

The Water is Your Playground

In Key Largo, the sea isn’t just for staring—it’s for immersing. Snorkel through a spectrum of marine life, paddleboard through tranquil waters, or test your endurance with some deep-sea fishing. Each aquatic escapade doubles as a full-body workout and a surreal encounter with the ocean’s myriad offerings.

The Complete Mariner’s Club Key Largo Experience

More Than Just a Place to Stay

Our holiday homes encapsulate the quintessential Keys lifestyle, where every element is meticulously designed to weave a narrative of relaxation and activity. Facilities within the Mariner’s Club community enrich your experience with an expansive swimming pool that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, a second pool for a quieter swim, a rejuvenating Jacuzzi, tennis courts that set the stage for grand slams, and a state-of-the-art fitness center for a well-rounded workout regimen.

Revel in Recreation

Engage in friendly competition at the game room, or fine-tune your backhand on the courts. The abundance of amenities makes every day an adventure, each activity a step toward an unparalleled vacation.

Book Now, Pay Later, Play More

Call our 24/7 service line at (305) 853-5000 to secure your active escape and prepare for a getaway filled with sports, serenity, and unforgettable memories. We look forward to hosting you on your pursuit of the perfect active vacation.

High Praise From Our Guests