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Village at Hawks Cay Villas

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions as well as rules you are required to abide by during your stay at Indigo Reef. Please note that in the unfortunate event that rules are broken, fines or assessments could occur. If you have any remaining questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our guest service team using the chat service here on our site or dial (305) 853-5000.

What supplies are provided during my stay?

Your Villa comes with a “Starter Pack”, which includes; 1 back up roll toilet paper per bathroom, 1 set towels & bed linens, single wash box washing machine detergent, 1 roll paper towel, 2 tablets dishwashing machine soap, 1 small bottle liquid dish soap. 2 kitchen trash bags, 1 set up bath amenities per full bath(shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bath gel, small bar soap). For additional supplies during your stay there is the Kmart Big K, Publix & Winn Dixie supermarkets located 10 miles south on the Overseas Highway in Marathon.

Winn Dixie and Publix grocery stores located 1 mile south of Marathon Airport on the Oceanside near MM50. Approximately 10 minute drive on Overseas Highway.

Walgreens Liquor Store located next to Walgreens Pharmacy, south on Overseas Highway Bayside at 109th Street. Approximately a 8 minutes drive.

View your wireless networks, locate your unit number and click connect. Your secure passkey code is provided in the Pre-Arrival Instruction and on the base of the telephone inside the villa.

All calls are free for unlimited local and long-distance calls. Please dial a 9 + 1 + Area Code + Number.

The Village at Hawks Cay Villas by KeysCaribbean are not affiliated with the Hawks Cay Resort; our guests do not have access to the hotel-owned amenities including the Coral Cay children’s center and hotel pools. However, any resort amenity that is open to the public will be available. Visit Map & Amenities for more information.

Swimming Pool
Many of our accommodations feature a private swimming pool. Otherwise, there is a swimming pool available to patrons at the Sunset Grille and Raw Bar restaurant just 15 minutes south on Overseas Hwy where you can enjoy a full menu of Florida Keys cuisines as well as specialty drinks in a casual setting overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Every week on Sunday, the Sunset Grille and Raw Bar Restaurant hosts a Sunday Funday poolside party featuring a DJ, live music, cornhole tournaments, and poolside BBQ at 1 PM. They’re open 7 days/week from 8 AM to 10 PM, and their address is 7 Knights Key Blvd., Marathon, FL 33050. You can contact the restaurant directly for more information at (305) 396-7235.

Swimming Beach
Sombrero Beach is located at Sombrero Beach Blvd about 12 minutes from your Villa. Facilities include a large, clean beach and restrooms, children’s playground as well as a Covered BBQ area and outdoor showers.

There are a variety of water sports equipment rentals and charters available at Sole Watersports open between 9 AM and 5 PM which operates out of Hawks Cay Marina conveniently located onsite. Activities include kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, sunset cruises, and day-trips to local sand bars. Our Activities Guide will include more recommendations for where to eat and what to do on Duck Key and in the surrounding Keys.

Within our Activities Guide, you’ll find a list of great local restaurants and links to their menus ordered by island location and Mile Marker for your convenience.

Next to the patio gate are 2 wall-mounted switch boxes. The on/off switch is for heat. The timer switch is to activate the hydro jets for up to 15-minutes. Turn the dial for each 15-minute activation. Please be sure not to over-wind the hydro jet 15-minute duration activation switch. You may leave the heat switch in the on position at all times.

Duck Key Condos: Where are the washer & dryers?

Coin-operated washers & dryers are located across from the docks at the Hawks Cay Marina behind your condominium next to the watersports building.


• Although our rental villas are located at Hawks Cay, KeysCaribbean is not affiliated with Hawks Cay Resort. Our guests do not have access to hotel-owned amenities, including the Coral Cay children’s center and hotel pools; however, any resort amenity that is open to the public will be available. Amenities available to the public include several restaurants and bars, Calm Waters Spa and Fitness Center (available to spa patrons), Dolphin Connection, tennis, private cruises, fishing charters, and boat rentals. There are a variety of water sports equipment rentals and charters available at Solé Watersports, which operates out of Hawks Cay Marina, conveniently located onsite. Activities include kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, sunset cruises, and day trips to local sand bars.

• Unregistered guests and/or visitors exceeding the occupancy limits will not be permitted access to the premises. Occupancy limits vary depending on which home you have reserved. The applicable limit is provided prior to reservation and again in the Registration Form for your ease of reference. Please note that Monroe Country regulation requires you to provide the names and ages of each occupant and information on your vehicle(s) and/or boat prior to your stay with us and before you will be permitted access to the premises. You will receive a second message containing a link to the Registration Form. We must receive these details no later than 48 hours before your arrival.

Campers, ATVs, utility/boat trailers, motor homes, and travel trailers are prohibited. We recommend Grassy Key Marina, just 2.2 miles south, for launching your boat, trailer parking, wet slips, fishing pole rentals, and live or frozen bait. Additional costs apply. Although there is no assigned parking, please be courteous and park in spaces for everyone to access their vehicle. Additional parking is available in the parking lot just off Hawks Cay Blvd; see the Property Map. Trailer parking is not permitted.

Unless otherwise stated, slip space is NOT included. Harbor Village Cottage 7061 includes slip space. If you reserved a home including dockage, your boat must not exceed 32′ in length (length overall). You must launch your boat and arrange trailer parking offsite at Grassy Key Marina. Additional costs apply.

Guests are not permitted to have Emotional Support Animals or pets onsite or in any of the rental homes. Emotional Support Animals or pets found in any rental home will incur mandatory fees of up to $500.00 for cleaning purposes plus any damages. Service Animals should be registered with KeysCaribbean prior to arrival. You will be asked to provide details of your service animal’s duties. All service animals must be leashed at all times when outside the unit.

• Smoking is not permitted indoors or in communal areas. You are permitted to smoke on the porch/balcony of your vacation home; however, we ask that you be considerate of your neighbors and note that the smoke must not cause a disturbance to other residents or their guests. In the case that there is a complaint, we may revoke the right for you to smoke onsite. You must properly dispose of cigarette butts, do not toss them anywhere on property grounds. Smoking indoors or violating these rules will incur mandatory fees of up to $500.00 plus any damages.

• Swimming, snorkeling, diving, and fishing are prohibited in the canals/waterways. For the safety of everyone, swimming, snorkeling, diving, and fishing in the canals are strictly prohibited. Canals are narrow, and the navigation of boats in and out of the canals creates a substantial risk to anyone in the water.

Fireworks are strictly prohibited anywhere on the property.

Village at Hawk’s Cay Homeowners’ Association Rentals – Rules & Regulations

1. Security Check-In Booth: those entering through the booth must provide a Villa address or be checking in at Hawks Cay.

2. Rental agents are required to provide 24-hour contact to HOA (name and phone #).

3. Key Codes must be provided to HOA and kept current.

a) Required for interior pest control

b) Required for emergency access

c) Required for roll-down shutter closure (during mandatory tourist evacuation order for Duck Key)

4. Parking is limited to two vehicles per villa.

5. Parking is not assigned but available close to the unit.

6. No vehicle parking allowed on the roadway or on the grass.

7. No golf cart parking allowed on grass, roadway, or sidewalks. Carts must be parked in a parking space. Gas golf carts are acceptable. No electric cords are allowed across sidewalks or yards.

8. No trailers permitted anywhere in HOA parking areas.

9. Quiet Hours are from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. – please respect your neighbors as units are close to one another.

10. No pets permitted.

11. When obtaining new appliances, the vendor must remove old appliances from the property.

12. When disposing of interior items such as furniture, mattresses, or blinds, the owner or agent must make arrangements to remove these items from the property. They may not be disposed of in the dumpsters. If you have questions, call the HOA at 305-849-1142.

13. No items, including clothing or towels, can be hung on porch railings.

14. Recycling bins located throughout the parking areas follow proper recycling requirements, including breaking down cardboard boxes.

15. Garbage must fit in the dumpster containers.

a) Do not overfill dumpsters

b) Do not leave extra bags or boxes in the dumpster enclosure

16. HOA garbage pick-up is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Saturday pick-ups are added during peak occupancies.

17. Do not block dumpster/recycle enclosures. Marathon Garbage will not pick up if blocked by vehicles.

18. Grilling is not allowed per Florida Fire Code on the HOA/resort grounds.

19. Vehicles not parked in a proper parking space will be towed.

20. Trailers left in parking lots will be towed.

21. Must observe all posted speed limits – drive with care.

22. In case of an emergency, call 911.

23. Monroe County non-emergency Sheriff number: 305-289-2430.

24. Docking Units – vessel must fit within the footprint of the slip, including pulpits and boat motors (i.e., 35’ vessel with pulpits and boat motors will not fit in a 35’ slip).

Sanctuary HOA Regulations & Notices:

• The following applies only to Sanctuary Villas 7219, 7221, and 7222.

1. Simran Lane is a one-way street.

2. Entry gate will automatically open (this cannot be used as an exit gate).

3. Exit gate will automatically open (this cannot be used as an entry gate).

4. Parking is limited to all vehicles fitting within the carport (typically 2 vehicles).

5. No parking allowed on the roadway.

6. No parking allowed on the grass.

7. No golf cart parking allowed on grass, roadway, or sidewalks. Carts must be parked within the carport.

8. Overflow parking is available on Sunset Village Drive. Please inquire for directions.

9. No trailers permitted anywhere in Sanctuary.

10. No items are permitted to be hung on front porch railings, including clothing or towels.

11. No signs are permitted on the front of villas.

12. Two garbage cans are available at each unit on the side of the villa behind the gate.

13. Garbage must fit within the two cans.

a. Do not overfill cans.

b. Do not leave extra bags or boxes.

14. HOA takes garbage cans to the road for pick up on Tuesdays and Fridays.

15. If vehicles block access to the gate to remove garbage cans, they will not be put out for pickup.