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Indigo Reef Resort Villas & Marina


Frequently Asked Questions


What supplies are provided during my stay?

Your Villa comes with a “Starter Pack” which includes: 1 backup roll of toilet paper per bathroom, 1 set towels & bed linens, 6 pool towels in linen closet, 1 single box washing machine detergent, 1 roll paper towel, 2 kitchen trash can bags, 2 tablets dishwashing machine soap, 1 small bottle liquid dish soap, 1 set of bath amenities per full bath (shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, lotion, bar soap). For additional supplies during your stay there is a Kmart Big K, Publix & Winn Dixie supermarkets located within minutes only 2 miles south on the Overseas Highway.

Where is the closest Grocery Store?

Winn Dixie and Publix grocery stores located 1 mile south of Marathon Airport on the Oceanside near MM50. Approximately 5 minute drive on Overseas Highway.

Where is the closest Liquor Store & Pharmacy?

Walgreens Liquor Store located next to Walgreens Pharmacy, 1/2 mile south on Overseas Highway Bayside at 109th Street. Approximately a 2 minutes drive.

How do I connect to the Internet?

View your wireless networks and locate your Villa number and click connect. Your secure passkey code is provided in the Pre-Arrival Instruction and on the base of the telephone inside the villa.

What is the Villa telephone extension number for Villa to Villa calling?

3 + Villa number. Example Villa 25 is ext. 325, Villa 4 is 304

Can I dock my boat at the closest slip to my Villa?

No. All Villas have assigned Boat Slips that are clearly marked on the dock pedestals. Do not park in open slips, as this is a residential community and owners must have access to their assigned slip at all times.

Can I park in open carport parking space?

No. All villas have one assigned carport parking space. Additional parking is available at the reception fitness center parking area. Open spaces may belong to private residences and the owner may arrive at any time.

Where is the closest Beach?

Coco Plum Beach is located at the end of Coco Plum Road located 1 mile north on Overseas Highway. Turn right at the stop light for Coco Plum Road. Sombrero Beach is located at the end of Sombrero Beach Road located 5 miles south on the Overseas Highway turn left at the stop light (at Kmart near MM50) for Sombrero Beach Road .

Where is the best place to eat dinner?

We have listed great local restaurants in the directory information binder on the Kitchen Counter.


Guest/Tenant Information, Home Owner’s Association Rules

Here are some laws of the City of Marathon, State of Florida, and rules, regulation, policies, and courtesies that we require you to observe while here at Indigo Reef.
OCCUPANCY OF UNITS – Per the City of Marathon code, the maximum occupancy for staying overnight in each of the units here at Indigo Reef by persons of any age is EIGHT (8) PEOPLE.
PARKING ? Absolutely NO parking of any vehicle in the driveway as the driveway is designated as a ‘Fire Lane’ by Marathon Fire?Rescue. No parking on any grass areas. Any vehicles parked in either of these locations will be towed at the owner’s expense. No trailers of any kind are permitted on the Indigo Reef property. No commercial vehicles are permitted to be parked on the property overnight. Please park only one (1) passenger vehicle in the correlated numbered allocated space of your unit in the carport. A rearview mirror hanger tag has been supplied to you by your agent and it must be attached to your rearview mirror at all times while your vehicle is here. No vehicle larger than a ½ ton pickup may be parked in the carport space. When parked in carport, a vehicle shall not extend into the driveway beyond the carport posts. Additional vehicles, over?size vehicles, and/or visitors must park their vehicles in the parking lot at the office building or overflow lot across from the office building. If you park in a spot that is not assigned to the unit you are staying in, your vehicle may be towed at your expense.
BOAT DOCKS – All boat dock spaces are assigned to your designated unit. Unit number and dock space number are
located on the dock pedestals. Please make sure the boat owner/operator is docked in the correct assigned boat dock
space. All lines are to be tied to the cleats provided on the docks and no lines are to be tied to the pedestals. No boats
larger than thirty?one (31) feet length over all (LOA) are permitted in any dock space. You may not tie up in any other
unassigned dock space. When tying up your boats please use proper line tying techniques as the tides are often severe
and if your boat is improperly secured you will risk the sinking of your boat in the canal if the boat should get caught
under the dock at low tide. For safety, the docks are to remain clear of objects at all times.
POOL – The pool hours are from dawn until dusk. Pool is closed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until 9am for pool
maintenance. Please be respectful of others using the pool area, the pool furniture and fixtures, and return items used
to the same location and condition which it was found when you came. No life guard is on duty, so be careful and
cautious when in the pool area. Absolutely NO GLASS is permitted in the pool area. Pets are NOT permitted in the
pool area. NO smoking in the pool area.
GARBAGE – Place all your garbage in trash bags and place the bag in the trash receptacle enclosures across from your
units. You must open the metal hinged top of the enclosure, open the trash can inside the enclosure and place all
trash/garbage inside the trash cans, close the trash can lid and then close the metal hinged top enclosure. There are
many animals in the area and if you fail to follow this procedure in the garbage receptacle area, the animals will make
the garbage receptacle area very unpleasant.
FISHING AND LOBSTERING – When cleaning your catch at the cleaning stations provided at the docks, DO NOT
dispose of the entrails and carcasses in the canals. Place all entrails and carcasses in the garbage receptacles on the
docks, make sure the lids are closed, and maintenance will empty the receptacles daily. Do not leave the water running
at the docks.
FITNESS CENTER – The Fitness Center is located in the north?west corner of the Association office building. Your rental
agent will supply you with the lock code required for entry into the gym. No one under the age of 16 is permitted to use
the Fitness Center. Be considerate of others and of the equipment and return the equipment to how it was found.
PETS – Some homeowners permit small pets in their units. If small dogs are permitted by the homeowner in
their unit, all dogs must be leashed and under control when outside of the unit. You are required to pick?up
after your dog. No pets are permitted in the pool area.
BARBECUE/BBQ – Charcoal BBQ grills are available along the marina dock area. Absolutely NO BBQ/Barbecuing
within fifty (50) feet of any wood structure. This is Florida law and you are subject to citation should you violate this
NOISE –The Indigo Reef Homeowners Association requires noise to be kept at a minimum at all times and absolutely no
outside noise after 10:00 pm.
Recreational equipment – Items such as paddleboards, snorkel gear, kayaks and bicycles must be stored on
the porch areas of your unit when not in use.
SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS – Several surveillance cameras are located within the property. This is to promote a safe
environment by deterring illegal acts or rules and policy violations and to also deter theft and vandalism and assist in the
identification of individuals who commit damage to Indigo Reef Marina Homeowners property. A surveillance camera
policy is available in the Association office.
CANAL – SWIMMING, SNORKELING, & DIVING PROHIBITED – For the safety of everyone, swimming, snorkeling, and
diving in the canals adjacent to the Indigo Reef docks is strictly prohibited. Canals are narrow and the navigation of
boats in and out of the canals creates a substantial risk to anyone in the water.
SMOKING – Most homeowners do not permit smoking in their unit or on their porches. Please check with the rental
agent on this matter for your unit. NO smoking is permitted in the pool area.
Fireworks are strictly prohibited anywhere on the Indigo Reef property.
The Ice machine, located behind the pool area, is strictly for the use of guests at Indigo Reef. We ask that you limit
your use of the ice to one cooler so the ice is available for others.

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