Mariner’s Club Key Largo HOA Guest and Visitor Rules

Guest / Tenant Information

We would like to welcome you to the beautiful Florida Keys. Mariner’s Club is a privately owned residential community, where some of the owners offer their home to seasonal renters. The owners spend a lot of time, money, and energy to keep Mariner’s Club as one of the premier communities in the Florida Keys. We appreciate your help in keeping our community first-class by observing the following rules:

  • While owners are allowed pets, guests may only have certified companion animals. Copies of Pet Certification must be provided at time of reservation. All service animals must be leashed at all times when outside the unit. Unfortunately Emotional Support Animals are not considered a Service Animal and are not allowed on the Mariner’s Club Property.
  • Two Vehicles are allowed per residence and all vehicles must display a valid Mariner’s Club parking pass. Any towing and/or storage charges resulting from an enforcement of these provisions are the sole responsibility of the owner/operator of the vehicle involved.
  • Parents must be responsible and attend to their children, with due regard to the wishes and comforts of others, in all club facilities. No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the fitness center.
  • Campers, ATV’s, utility trailers, motor homes and travel trailers are not allowed. Boats, boat trailers and person watercraft trailers, may only be parked in the boatyard.
  • Go-carts, motorized scooters and non street-legal vehicles, with the exception of golf cart are not prohibited on the property. Approved motor vehicles and golf carts mayonly be operated by persons with a license or a restricted license.
  • No swimsuits, towels, laundry, or other items should be hung from balcony railings.
  • Only registered guests are allowed on the property.
  • Occupancy guest limits are one bedrooms (1-4), two bedrooms (4-6), three bedrooms (6-8), and four bedrooms (8-10).
  • Due to the tropical environment of the Florida Keys, it is important that all garbage is bagged, secured, and placed in garbage cans. If you are recycling, please ensure containers are rinsed and no food is left in boxes (i.e.: cereal, cookie boxes, etc).No person shall make or permit any disturbing noises, do or permit anything that will interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of others, or operate radios or televisions in such a manner as to disturb or annoy other occupants. Mariner’s Club Safety Patrol and the Association Manager shall in their sole discretion determine what constitutes such a nuisance. Violation may result in removal from the property.
  • Mariner’s Club wishes to maintain a guest Friendly environment. Compliance with rules and guidelines is expected of all owners, guests, and tenants. In the unfortunate event that rules are broken; fines, assessments and damages will be charged to the unit owner or agency conducting the rental and may be deducted from your security deposit.

Pools and Outdoor Jacuzzi Areas Rules & Information

  • Pool hours are from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Grotto Pool closure 11 p.m.)
  • No food or drink is allowed in the pool. Food and drink must be consumed away from the pool deck.
  • NO GLASS containers of any kind are allowed in the pool areas.No food or drink is allowed in the pool.
  • No pets with the exception of certified service animals are allowed in the pool area. Service animals must be leashed at all times.
  • The pool areas are considered NON-SMOKING areas, in compliance with Florida Law.
  • No infants (under one year of age) are allowed in the pool. Toddlers MUST wear “swimming diapers” Children should not carry or throw sand into the pool, as it seriously impacts the effectiveness of the pool filters. Only soft/nerf like toys are allow in the pool.
  • Pool and Clubhouse furniture (loungers) should remain in their respective areas.
  • No Frisbees, ball throwing or similar games are allowed.
  • Radios must only be used with earphones.
  • Saving of chairs for persons absent from the pool area is not allowed.
  • All trash must be placed in the waste receptacles, so foreign materials do not get into the pool.

Our wish as a community is that everyone visiting enjoys the Florida Keys. These rules help everyone have an enjoyable stay. In the unfortunate event that rules are broken, fines or assessments could occur.

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