History Lesson: Famous Folks Who Called the Florida Keys Home

The Florida Keys are a wildly popular vacation destination with people from everywhere around the world. The tropical ambiance, romantic air, and laid-back way of life has a way of calling you back to the islands again and again. The appeal of the Florida Keys is strong and has even attracted many famous folks to the area who couldn’t resist its charm.

Here are some of the Florida Keys’ most celebrated locals who simply could not resist the magic of the islands of the Keys.

Famous Residents of the Florida Keys

Ernest Hemmingway – Author Ernest Hemmingway made his home in the heart of Key West, where he lived and wrote for over ten years. Today, you can visit his former home on Whitehead Street, as it and the gardens…along with the 40 six-toed cats that live around the home –  have been turned into a museum that you can visit during your vacation in Key West.


Jimmy Buffett – The celebrity most recognized as a resident of the Florida Keys has to be Jimmy Buffett. The tropical crooner made his home in Key West way before he was famous, where he wrote his popular “Margaritaville” tune. He promptly paid homage to his favorite beach town when he made it big by building the first Margaritaville Café, which he still plays at to this day. The popular bar sees millions of visitors each year at its Duval Street location.


Harry S. Truman, Former US President – During his presidency, President Truman spent his winters in Key West instead of enduring the brutal winters in Washington, DC. He and his wife adored the island and enjoyed their time spent there. You can visit the “Little White House” and tour the public museum and its botanical gardens that were the winter retreat of the former president during your vacation in the Florida Keys.

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