Anglers Reef Resort HOA Guest Rules

Required Addendum to all Anglers Reef Rental Leases:
1. Anglers is subject to the Vacation Rental Use and Occupancy Restrictions of Islamorada, which is required to be posted in
each rental unit. Please especially note: maximum occupancy, minimum stay, and required Transient Rental License.
2. Tenants and guests are not permitted to bring pets into Anglers.
3. Public drunkenness, foul language or unruly behavior, bonfires and fireworks are specifically prohibited.
4. Dispose of all trash in the proper receptacles; do not leave it on the beaches, docks, pool area or anywhere else in Anglers.
5. Trash & Recycle cans for your unit will be put out on the right side of the street the night before pickup days, but you must
make sure they are accessible from the carport. Recycles are co-mingled (glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum).
6. Anglers’ entry/exit gates (monitored by cameras) require the current gate code, available from the unit owner or your rental
company. Anyone pushing through the gates without using the code will be liable for all inspection and repair costs.
7. An owner or tenant must be in residence for any guests or friends to use the facilities. Unaccompanied guests are not allowed.
8. Anglers is not a resort hotel. Although chairs and tables on the beaches and in the pool area are for your use, other items –
including kayaks, paddleboards, and fishing/diving equipment for example – are private property.
9. Children must be supervised throughout Anglers for their safety and as a courtesy to others.
10. Please be courteous and avoid loud music or noisy activities that would disturb others.
11. Mangroves and most plantings in Anglers are environmentally protected – damaging or cutting them can result in fines.
1. Unless you brought or rented it, all kayaks, boards, etc are the property of owners or other tenants and not for public use.
2. Your kayaks, boards or floats may be launched from the South beach, but may not be left on or blocking the beach waterfront
area; after use, they must be placed neatly and tightly and perpendicular to the Mangroves along the south perimeter of the
property, touching or secured to the cable that is in place there — or they should be brought back to your unit.
3. No launching or beaching of jetskis or anything other than kayaks and boards and similar is allowed.
4. Do not leave chairs or tables close to water’s edge, as winds or a rising tide could put them in the water.
Roads, Vehicles and Parking:
1. Park only in the concrete driveway or parking spaces allocated to YOUR unit without overhanging into streets. Generally there
are 2 standard-sized spaces per unit; boat trailers or additional/oversized vehicles may be stored or left outside of Anglers.
2. A boat trailer stored in Anglers must fit within the confines of your unit’s carport (thus taking up one of your parking spaces).
3. No commercial vehicles or trailers or recreational type vehicles may be parked anywhere in Anglers.
4. Parking on the streets or grass or anywhere in Anglers is strictly prohibited.
5. Anglers’ roads are One Way and 5 mph. This is for your safety and the safety of others.
6. While servicing your unit, a contractor or vendor’s vehicle may only park in your unit’s driveway or outside of Anglers.
Pool Area:
1. NO swimming in the pool after dark. NO diving or roughhousing. All glassware is prohibited in the pool area.
2. You may not claim or “save” chairs or tables once you leave the pool area.
3. For safety, please keep the gate to pool area closed and latched.
Boat Lagoon and Docks:
1. There is no swimming allowed in the boat lagoon or channel.
2. Fish or shellfish carcasses are NOT to be thrown in the lagoon – they must be bagged and placed in either the receptacles at
the fish cleaning stations or in the proper trash receptacle at your unit. Do not allow trash of ANY kind to fall into the lagoon.
3. Fish cleaning is only to be done at the designated stations at each end of the lagoon. Please clean up when done.
4. Boats: 1 vessel/slip, max length 31 ft. including overhangs, max height of any structure above waterline 10.5 ft, max draft: 3.5
ft. Vessels must be moored properly with 5 lines to avoid damaging docks or other vessels, or creating navigation issues.
5. No boat fueling in the lagoon. No overnight stays or grilling on boats.
6. Bikes, skateboards, scooters and the like are not permitted on the docks, wooden walkway, or the seawall.
7. The boat lagoon and within 100’ of the channel entrance are designated “No Wake” areas.

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