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Adventure Concierge

DIVE IN Watersports at the Mariner's Club Key Largo

Dive In Watersports is Key Largo's one and only oceanfront watersports provider. At Dive In you can choose from Boat Rentals, Waverunner Rentals, Guided Waverunner Tours, Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Charters, as well as Kayak & Hobie Cat Rentals. In their fully stocked PADI Dive Center you will find Scuba Equipment, Snorkel Gear and Fishing Pole & Tackle sales and rentals. Also available is Bait, Drinks, Ice, Sunscreen, Shirts, Hats and Keys souvenirs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff specializes in customizing adventures around your needs. Let us help you make your trip to paradise an unforgettable one.

Mariner's Club Resort guests, be sure to come by and redeem your FREE Kayak Rental and take advantage of 10% off all watersports.

Visit our Website www.diveinwatersports.com or click on the links below to view specifics about our adventure activities.

Power Boat Rentals

We are proud of our fleet and you will be too. Our almost new fleet of reliable easy to operate boats range from 17' to 26' and can hold from 2 to 12 people. Our fully equipped boats feature GPS, Depth finder, VHF Radio, Coolers, Tops for shade, Boat Hooks, Mooring Lines, Dive Flags, and easy boarding ladders. Our boats are ideal for a fun day on the water snorkeling, diving, fishing, sightseeing or just relaxing.

The best Reefs and Wrecks from Key Largo to Islamorada including John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park & the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary are literally at our doorstep. White Banks Reef a Snorkeler's paradise is just 3.5 miles, and the world famous Molasses Reef is only 5.6 miles from our dock.

Our staff will give you a full boat and area orientation, show you how to use the GPS, and suggest places to go based on your desired activity. We offer two hour, half day (4hours), and full day rentals as well as multi-day, weekly and monthly rentals. Rental Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm unless you have a multi-day rental in which case it is dawn to dusk.

Waverunner Rentals

Looking for an exhilarating time on the Water?

Well this is it! There is nothing like ripping around on a waverunner over the clear waters of the Florida Keys. Be sure to keep an eye out for Turtles, Eagle Rays, many species of marine and bird life, and even Dolphins. Our ride area is HUGE and even encompasses a shipwreck and a protected private island.

All waverunners hold up to 3 people, so come alone or bring your family and friends along for a wild ride. Personal flotation devices, operating orientation and a safety briefing are always provided by our friendly staff. Complimentary wetsuits are also provided.

NOTE: Florida law requires drivers from 14 to 21 to have a safe boater′s card with them in order to drive a waverunner. Visit http://www.boatus.org/onlinecourse/watercraftcourse.htm to take the online course and be sure to print out your completed certificate and bring it with you.

Guided Waverunner Tours

Our guided waverunner tours are the “Best on the Island”. Our TWO HOUR tours include a thorough orientation, open ocean riding, a tour through the Mangrove Trails of Pennekamp Park, and even Dolphin watching. The tour covers approximately 18 miles in total. We typically see tropical Fish, wild Iguanas, Birds, Rays, Turtles and Dolphins. We will take you where you want to go, and see what you want at a pace that is right for you.

Tours leave between 9am – 1pm, minimum of two waverunners for a tour to go out, parties can be combined

NOTE: Florida law requires drivers from 14 to 21 to have a safe boater′s card with them in order to drive a waverunner. Visit http://www.boatus.org/onlinecourse/watercraftcourse.htm to take the online course and be sure to print out your completed certificate and bring it with you.

Scuba Diving & Snorkel Trips

Key Largo is called the ″Dive Capital of the World″ and for good reason. The third largest barrier reef system in the world is in our backyard. One of the best sites is literally at our doorstep: Molasses Reef. It’s great for snorkelers and divers alike as the reef touches the surface in places and slopes down to a depth of about fifty-five feet. The gulfstream provides for some of the best visibility in the area. Florida Keys are known for having higher fish count than any Caribbean Island. The population of reef creatures is amazing and over 300 species of marine fish, corals and invertebrates have been found there.

No Crowds Here! Our luxurious 30 foot Power Catamaran takes a maximum of 6 passengers at a time, which ensures you receive very personalized service. Daily Snorkel and Dive Trips depart at 8:30am and 1pm

Click for additional information about the Reefs and Wrecks of Key Largo′s National Marine Sanctuary.

Kayak Rentals

Do you want a quiet ride at your own pace to truly get in touch with nature?

Explore Mangrove trails, as well as uninhabited islands like Dove Key right from our oceanfront location. We offer single and double kayaks by the hour, half or full day. All kayaks come with seat backs, paddles, and life jackets.

Hobie Cat Rental

Be your own captain and sail away on one of our Hobie Cat Waves. In no time you will be gliding over the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys. Our Hobie Cat Wave is 13 feet long, will accommodate up to 4 sailors and are available by the hour, 1/2day, or daily.

Fishing Tackle & Bait

Do you want to fish off a dock, bridge, pier, or get out on the water by boat? We offer Fishing Rod and Tackle Box rentals. We also sell Frozen Shrimp, Squid Do you want to fish off a dock, bridge, pier, or get out on the water by boat? We offer Fishing Rod and Tackle Box rentals. We also sell Frozen Shrimp, Squid & Chum as well as drinks and ice. Chum as well as drinks and ice.

Scuba & Snorkel Gear Rental

We are a full service PADI Dive Shop. We have equipment rental for the scuba divers and snorkelers, including wetsuits and we do tank air fills. Certification cards are required for SCUBA gear rental & air fills.

PADI SCUBA Instruction

Always wanted to take the plunge and try SCUBA or already certified and looking to take your adventure to the next level?

We are a PADI Dive Center and offer beginner Discover Scuba classes all the way through Dive Master.

The Discover Scuba program is a one day course, no experience needed except the ability to swim. We teach you the basics of SCUBA in the classroom, then you practice the skills learned in the pool. Next you and your PADI Instructor are blowing bubbles underwater on the reef!

Mangrove Trails are comprised of three species of mangroves: black, red, and white mangroves. Mangroves are tropical trees and shrubs that are able to live and thrive in a salt-water environment. They play a big role in providing shelter for juvenile fish and unique plants. They also provide a habitat for countless animals such as: amphibians, reptiles, manatee, shrimp, oysters, barnacles, crabs, and many others. They also are a natural protector against hurricanes, waves, tidal change, and run-off.

Reefs and Wrecks

The Local reefs and wrecks run parallel to Key Largo and head south to Key West. The National Marine Sanctuary and John Pennekamp State Park provides protection to help keep the reefs and its inhabitants healthy and growing. You will find large patch reefs starting at 2 miles off shore, and as you go out farther the walls and wrecks appear.

Molasses Reef is the #1 Reef in North America. It is directly off shore from our location 5.6 miles to the east. It is one of the best sites. It’s great for snorkelers and divers alike as the reef just about touches the surface in places and slopes down to a depth of about fifty-five feet. There are numerous mooring balls for boats to hook up to. You can easily spend an entire day checking out this one reef. Visibility tends to be the best here because the gulfstream dips in close to this reef. The population of reef creatures is always changing, and includes frequent visits by many different pelagic species. It’s not uncommon to see nurse sharks, eagle rays, southern stingrays, reef sharks, barracuda, as well as a wide variety of other fish.

White Banks is a shallow inner reef in the National Marine Sanctuary. White Banks is a favorite snorkel site for the beginner or advanced snorkeler. Located just 3 1/2 miles offshore, this inner reef offers comfortable protection. Corals are found in this shallow water of about 20ft maximum, so you can easily enjoy the sea life while floating on the surface. On low tide the coral will just about stick out of the water in some places. Bring an underwater camera to photograph this underwater garden of sea fans, sea plumes, branching sea whips and some of the largest brain coral in the Sanctuary. A myriad of sea life includes: rainbow parrotfish, eagle rays, sea turtles, groupers, butterfly fish, blue tangs, and much more is often seen by snorkelers at this favorite site.

Pickles Reef It's name derives from a collection of what appear to be encrusted pickle barrels found on the reef near a scattered wreck. More likely, the barrels contained mortar or cement destined for the forts at Key West or Dry Tortugas. It is shallow, pretty, and easy. It is renowned for its pillar coral forest, one of the largest pillar coral formations in the Keys. The forest lies at the north end of the reef and the remains of a shrimp boat adds some excitement, as well as a home to large numbers of yellow goatfish and blue striped grunts. Flamingo tongue cowries are found on the numerous purple sea fans that wave as you go by. Queen Conch and other mollusks can be found in the grassy flats on the ocean side of the reef. Curious blue angelfish and Nassau groupers will keep you company. Tarpon have been seen at Pickles with some regularity.

Snapper's Ledge is one of the latest reefs to be added to the mooring buoy system. Its name came very easy due to the very large schools of various snapper that hover above and around this reef. Many locals have taken a strong interest in this reef, because it is still very healthy and they are trying to preserve it. It is also known for large stingrays that relax in the sandy areas, and numerous nurse sharks have been spotted under the ledge of the coral reef.

Conch Reef & Wall is a deeper reef than many in the Sanctuary, dropping to about 90 feet before flattening out into a sand bottom. The drop-off; known as Conch Wall, is somewhat unique for the plethora of marine life at these depths. Huge barrel sponges, some larger than 5 feet high, cover much of the reef area. These slow-growing creatures are fairly rare, and the relatively heavy concentration at this reef is remarkable. Larger specimens may be over 100 years old. Gorgonians and pelagic fish fill the scene. Huge purple sea fans catch the currents joined by sea rods, whips, and plumes of gorgonians. Dead stumps of pillar coral testify to the sad harvesting that decimated coral populations on this reef decades ago.

Little Conch Reef is a large patch reef that spreads for about 3/4 mile across a white sand bed. It is known for its tube sponges and sea fans. However, it is most noted for the numbers of spiny lobster collected here during Lobster season. The reef is outside the protected area of the Key Largo Marine Sanctuary, so up to 6 lobster per person can be taken. Note that collection of any kind of coral or conch anywhere in Florida is strictly forbidden by state law.

French Reef is located just northeast of Molasses Reef, and this dive site is famous for its impressive limestone cliffs. It also offers a variety of interesting tunnels, caves, and crevices. Glassy sweepers and moray eels are not uncommon around and in these caves. This is the one reef where the diver gets the impression of swimming through a labyrinth of coral walls. The shallow areas of the reef are covered by beautiful golden brown Elkhorn coral, which reach up to the water's surface. At 30 to 40 feet (9 to 12 meters) old mounds and boulders of brain coral and star coral become more abundant. Yellowtails, grunts, parrotfish, jacks, pork fish, and damselfish are virtually everywhere. Even larger solitary fish such as Snook and Permit are often encountered on this reef. There are four caves at French Reef that were named for their unique appearance. All of these caves lie at depths ranging between 25 to 35 feet (7 to 11 meters). The "Hourglass Cave" is located about 50 feet inshore from mooring buoy F1. About 50 feet from F3 lay the so-called "Christmas Tree Cave", an easy swim-through. Its name is derived from the hundreds of colorful Christmas tree worms that cover this 20-foot tunnel. The "White Sand Bottom Cave" is located in the center of French Reef. It is the largest of all French Reef caves. "Five Caves" is a series of narrower caves at the south end of the reef.

Grecian Rocks is a crescent shaped patch reef abundant with Star Coral and Elkhorn Coral as well as the protected Queen Conch. An old cannon and cannon balls can be spotted here among the Star Corals. This shallow, protected reef is excellent for beginner as well as advanced snorkelers. The reef provides a barrier to the seas and the snorkel area tends to be very calm.

Dry Rocks consist of several reefs in close proximity (Key Largo Dry Rocks, North Dry Rocks and North North Dry Rocks). The most known one is Key Largo Dry Rocks, which has mooring buoys that encircle this shallow reef. The depth ranges from 15 feet to 25 feet and The "Christ of the Deep" statue is marked by a spar buoy. "Christ of the Deep"; a nine foot high bronze statue, symbolizes peace of mankind from an unusual setting. The statue was placed there in 1961 after it was donated by Egidi Cressi an internationally known industrialist and undersea sportsman. Cressi turned it over to the Underwater Society of America whom then decided to put in off Key Largo Key. As was said of the Christ of the Abysses when that statue was dedicated, it can be said of the Christ of the Deep: "He will descend in the green silent depth of the sea and remain there to protect the living. The dead shall no longer be lonely. His carpet will be of soft algae. His naves and columns will be the pillars of the earth sunk in the great cerulean depths. Ships and phantoms of ships will crowd around Him; living men and dead men. The shadows of all those who lost their lives in the sea will be present without discrimination of nationality, blood or color. With His liberal gesture of invitation He will welcome everybody; all who lived for the sea and who in the same sea they so dearly loved found their eternal peace."

Benwood Wreck is 360ft long and 51ft wide, it is the remains of a merchant marine freighter. In April of 1942 the Benwood collided with another ship during a marine blackout, due to rumors of German U-Boats being in the area. The bow is the most intact feature of the wreck and hull stretches the original length with portions of the outer wall still present. This is a great open wreck with lots of "nooks and crannies" to poke your head in and discover what hides in the dark. Eels, shrimp, lobster, and numerous fish await. This is a great wreck to snorkel because it's only 25-45ft deep.

Duane & Bibb Wrecks are both United State Coast Guard Cutters. They were sunk in 1987 as the first of Key Largo's artificial reefs. The Duane is in 120 ft of water and sits straight up. She is 327 ft long and is covered with life. The 20+ years she has sat on the bottom has allowed her to transform into a spectacular habitat for many species. Masses of barracudas hover from her crow's nest at 60ft, as if they are standing at attention. As divers get closer to the deck at 90ft the vibrant colors of algae, coral, and sponge become evident. Large goliath groupers, turtles, eels, and game fish swim around making this an exciting deep dive. Bull sharks are often spotted in the distance by divers. The Bibb is the sister ship of the Duane, and the structure is the same. The interesting difference is that she lies on her side in 130ft of water. You will reach the hull structure at 60 ft. This is a very different dive when it comes to perspective.

Spiegel Grove Wreck is the latest addition to the artificial reef system in Key Largo, and is the 2nd largest artificial reef in the U.S. She is a 510 ft and 84 ft wide Landing Ship Dock (LSD 32), and could hold up to an impressive amount of 8 helicopters. The Spiegel was sank 6 miles offshore on May 17, 2002. During the sinking process it accidentally rolled over on its starboard side. All of that changed during Hurricane Dennis. The hurricane was able to turn the ship upright in 130 feet of water! She now sits at 134 ft in the sand, and the highest point is about 60-65 ft. The ship has attracted a wide variety of marine life. This dive is for divers who are advanced divers and above. There are several mooring balls located all around the ship.